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A change in pace...

2011-10-20 10:23:09 by TheZen

I have decided to change my NG account.

If you want to see my artwork for now on, its on the account known as:




2011-10-10 14:06:25 by TheZen a nice day to relax.

enjoy it.

: )


New artwork up.

2011-10-08 19:27:35 by TheZen

So i am not happy with this one folks....not at all.

As such, to see my newest drawing ( other than in my art forum area ), here is a link to it. aac284086dc4786a97a66a80e7c69c

If you enjoy it, comment.
If not, comment.

Either way, USEFUL ADVICE would be lovely for once please.


A Title.

2011-10-05 12:33:29 by TheZen


That is all.




2011-10-04 23:46:56 by TheZen

I came from many other sites and the lack-of-help in real life for
inspiration and HELPFUL criticism for improving my art style.

......It gets under my skin when a person just gives me a fat-ass
0 however. I mean, its practically saying that i should just give up
the one thing i love to do in this if i have no chance!


For FUCKS SAKE! Can one person in this world just give me some
SOLID help that i can use without being a total dick about it!

Hell, the only help i have even came close to getting is all thanks
to the forums themselves.....but even there i sometimes wonder.....


...perhaps i am just not cut out to be an artist.....i don't know....

But fuck anyone that thinks that i'm going to stop trying!

People will see! I will draw and draw and bloody D.R.A.W. till my
hands have to bleed if needed, just to get my point! I will get
better at what i do, and that's all there is to it!

>: (



2011-10-02 23:15:09 by TheZen

My favorite food is Chinese food.

Nothin' says heaven more than a well-made steamed dumpling!
>: D

If ya is reading this, whats YOUR favorite food?



2011-09-30 00:39:33 by TheZen

Normally, i love rainy days....grey clouds....being alone in peace and quiet.


...I am not sure why, but something just felt off today....

Like....ever had that fealin' when ya just lost your best friend?
Or when you tripped over a small rock and no one is near to lift ya up?
Or how about the feeling of walking alone in a park?

Things like that sorta example what i am feeling like right now.

Perhaps i just need to vent in a drawing like i normally do...

...then again, maybe its the normal things "that i do" that make
me feel like i am right now. Who's to say, ya?

Oh well.


Finally finished my MLP + NG set.

Its both on my Forums Area, and the Art Portal.

My only hope is that people like them, and not
just judge them biased off the fact that its MLP.

Anyway, cho for now!



YES, i finished them all finally!

However, if you want to see them, till i decide if i
want them in the art portal or not, they are all in
my art forum area.

Here is a link if ya want to go see!
^_^ 63832


New Drawing up, and updates.

2011-09-20 17:10:29 by TheZen

So im getting back into a grove of drawing things.

My newest drawing, found here: zen/tree-fire finally up, and I enjoy it a lot....even if it is a bit sad.


I got a suggestion from a person that commented on my
drawing of Pico and Fluttershy to draw popular NG people
with popular MLP ponies.

So it might be a while before i post up another drawing, as
i will be doing THIS for a bit.

Laters for now!
Enjoy the art!